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Tuesday Dec 13, 2011

JSF and Java EE Newscast - Episode 6 - Dec 2011

The JSF and Java EE Newscast, hosted by Kito D. Mann, Ian Hlavats, and Daniel Hinojosa, is a monthly podcast that covers the latest headlines in the world of JavaServer Faces and Enterprise Java development. 

In this episode, Kito, Ian, and new co-host Daniel discuss the new DeltaSpike CDI project, plus new releases of PrimeFaces, MyFaces, ICEfaces, Spring, Hibernate, RichFaces, Mojarra, Seam, Artifactory, JRebel, and more.

Podcast (MP3) 

Show Notes 

NOTE: In the podcast, Kito mentions "Jason Lee Rubinger." He should have said "Andrew Lee Rubinger." Our apologies.

NOTE: In the previous newscast we gave the impression that MyFaces CODI was a CDI implementation. It's certainly not -- it's a set of CDI extensions that run on top of a CDI implementation such as Weld or OpenWebBeans. 

New Releases

iText 5.1.3 — XML Worker 1.1.1 | Javalobby
JFX Flow | Zen Java
ICEfaces 2.1.0 Beta 2 Release Notes - ICEfaces - ICEfaces.org Community Wiki
Oracle Announces Availability of Oracle WebLogic Server 12c

JMS Browser 2.5 just released!

Sonar 2.11 released | Javalobby

Apache Tomcat 7.0.23 Release | TomcatExpert
Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.0.10 - HTML format - ASF JIRA
Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 2.1.4 - HTML format - ASF JIRA
Release Notes - MyFaces Core - Version 1.2.11 - HTML format - ASF JIRA
Release Notes - MyFaces CODI - Version 1.0.2 - HTML format - ASF JIRA
LucidWorks 2.0 Solr Development Platform Now Available! | Javalobby
In Relation To...  JBoss Seam 3.1.0.CR1 Released
In Relation To...  Hibernate Core 4.0.0.CR7 Release
In Relation To...  IronJacamar 1.1.0.Alpha4 is out
In Relation To...  A new @Special(izes) Weld 1.1.4.Final release
In Relation To...  Seam Spring 3.1.0.Alpha1 released
In Relation To...  Hibernate Search 4.0.0.CR2
In Relation To...  Hibernate Core 3.6.8.Final Release
PrimeFaces Mobile 0.9 is Released
PrimeFaces 3.0.M4 Released
JBoss AS 7.1.0.Beta1 "Tesla" released - My Wiki - Planet JBoss Community
TorqueBox v2.0.0.beta1 Released - The TorqueBox Project - Planet JBoss Community
Arquillian - Google+ - Arquillian Core 1.0.0.CR6 Released What is Arquillian? …
Arquillian - Google+ - Arquillian Drone 1.0.0.CR3 Released What's new in this…
Arquillian - Google+ - Arquillian Jacoco 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released What's new in this…
Arquillian - Google+ - Arquillian openWebBeans Container 1.0.0.CR2 Released
Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse Beta (12.1.1)
RichFaces 4.1.0.CR2 Release Announcement  
GateIn Portal 3.2.0 Beta01 Released! - GateIn - Planet JBoss Community
Mojarra 2.1.4 Release Notes -- Release Notes
Spring 3.1.0.RC2 Released | SpringSource.org
Spring Roo 1.2.0.RC1 released | SpringSource Team Blog


In Relation To...  Seam.Next Announcement

DeltaSpikeProposal - Incubator Wiki

Focus on Seam 2.3.0 - Marek Novotny's Blog - Planet JBoss Community 

JSR-000335 Lambda Expressions for the JavaTM Programming Language - Early Draft Review
javax.batch : new "Batch" JSR (The Aquarium)
JSF 2.2 Early Draft Review Available | Java.net

Enterprise Tool News

VisualVM 1.3.3 Released | Javalobby Oxygen XML Editor, Oxygen XML Author and Oxygen XML Developer 13.1 | Javalobby JFrog is pleased to announce the availability of Artifactory 2.4! | Javalobby NetBeans IDE 7.1 Release Candidate 1 Information TestMaker 6.1 adds Flex 4, Applet, More Reports   JRebel 4.5.3 Released | zeroturnaround.com SpringSource Tool Suite 2.8.1 released | SpringSource.org


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