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Tuesday Jul 31, 2012

JSF and Java EE Newscast - Episode 9 - July 2012

The JSF and Java EE Newscast, hosted by Kito D. Mann, Ian Hlavats, and Daniel Hinojosa, is a monthly podcast that covers the latest headlines in the world of JavaServer Faces and Enterprise Java development. 

In this episode, Kito, Ian, and Daniel discuss JAXConf/JSF Summit 2012, Java 8, WebSphere Liberty Profile, Arquillian, and new releases from MyFaces, Spring, JBoss, ICEfaces, RichFaces, Tomcat, and more.

Podcast (MP3)

Show Notes 

New Releases

ICEfaces 3.1.0.RC1 now available  

MyFaces Core 2.1.8 released  
MyFaces Core 2.0.14 released  
Myfaces Tomahawk 1.1.13 Released  

PrimeFaces 3.4 Trailer revealed  
New PrimeFaces component - closeable inline message  
Atmosphere creator Jean-Francois Arcand joins PrimeFaces Push team  
PrimeFaces Tools for Dreamweaver released  

Hibernate ORM 4.15 with SP1 Released   
Arquillian Warp extension 1.0.0.Alpha1 released  
Arquillian Spring Framework Extension 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released   
Arquillian TestRunner Spock 1.0.0.Alpha2 Released  

Weld 2.0.0.Alpha3  
JBoss Portlet Bridge 3.0.0.CR1 Released  
JGroups 3.0.11 and 3.1.0 released  

Spring Framework 3.1.2 Released  
Spring Security 3.1.1 Released  

RichFaces 4.2.2 released  

WebSphere Application Server V8.5  including Liberty Profile Released  
RAD V8.5 and WDT V8.5 have landed!  

Apache Tomcat 7.0.29 released  
Apache Geronimo 3.0.0 brings in Java 7 support  

Enterprise Tool News

JSFToolbox 4.0 for Dreamweaver  

Spring Tool Suite & Groovy/Grails Tool Suite 3.0.0.M3 released
Oracle Introduces NetBeans IDE 7.2  


JAXConf 2012

IBM's Tracy Hutcheson: Mobile Innovation and Challenges  

JAXconf Community Night - Crockford lauds JavaScript, Raspberry Pi coolness

JAXconf Keynotes - Hickey analyses the value of Value, Humble on Continuous Delivery

JAX Innovation Awards - Winners Revealed!!  

Speaker Summit

Oracle scales back plans for Java 8  

Project Jigsaw delayed until Java 9 - The Reaction  

JSF and Java EE Events

NFJS Symposiums
JavaZone - Sep 12th-13th - Oslo, Norway
Strange Loop - September 24th-25th - St Louis, MO
JavaOne - Sep 30th-Oct 4th - San Francisco, CA
Spring2GX - Oct 15th-18th - Washington, DC
Devoxx - Nov 12-16th - Antwerp, Belgium
The Rich Web Experience - Nov 27th-30th - Ft Lauderdale, FL

JDays - Dec 3-5th - Gothenburg, Sweden  



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