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Wednesday Jul 30, 2008

JSF 2 Schedule

So, when is JSF 2 supposed to be released? The simple answer is "when Java EE 6 is released." But, for those who want a little more detail, here is the current schedule:

MilestoneTarget DateHand Off to JCP DateCompletion Date
Spec EDR1 21 Apr 2008 24 Apr 2008 3 Jun 2008
Spec EDR2 31 Aug 2008  
Spec Public Review 26 Sept 2008   
Spec Proposed Final Draft 12 Dec 2008   

For EDR2, you can expect simplified component development -- you'll be able to write a JSF component with a single artifact, much like Facelet compositions. If you're working with JSF, I highly encourage you to grab Mojarra as soon as it complies to EDR2 (if you're not going to download Mojarra EDR1, that is).

As usual, this schedule is subject to change. And, although the proposed final draft date is the 12th of December, it could be longer before it is approved by the JCP and posted on the site. Also, Mojarra may be out later. It is, however, closely tracking the spec, and it should run on any Java EE 5 web container (i.e Tomcat 6 or Glassfish).

Even after Mojarra is released, it will probably be a while before Java EE vendors other than Sun include the newest release...hopefully, they'll release Java EE 6 implementations faster than they released Java EE 5 implementations, though.

There is a more complete description of the schedule, with milestones, in the Mojarra FAQ.


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